Zennor Tor PhotoShoot


IMG_0878bWe had a great time the other day doing a photoshoot at the beautifully rugged Zennor Tor near St. Ives in Cornwall. It wasn’t a proper shoot with a photographer, just me, Molly and my point and shoot camera. Oh and my iPhone as i’d forgotten to charge the camera so it didn’t really last very long. First schoolboy error of the day. Secondly i’d obviously nudged the settings dial so the camera was on the wrong exposure. I didn’t realise till afterwards and it’s hard to tell what you’re actually taking on a bright day. When i say bright day the weather was fairly changeable. We had sun, grey clouds and quite a lot of wind which is why Molly’s hair is forming quite a cool mohican in many shots.


The idea of this shoot wasn’t really thought out from a naturist point of view. This is Molly and i trying to be a little more artistic. We want to produce a set of photos taken in different local Cornish locations that have historical or pagan significance. We aren’t short of incredibly atmospheric ancient sites down here so hopefully we’ll get in a stone circle or two before we are done!


Zennor Tor is a beautiful place. We were actually aiming for Zennor Quoit, an ancient burial site, but didn’t get quite that far. But we did end up on a rather impressive rocky outcrop high up on the Tor. It was also a good location as it’s a bit off the beaten track. We didn’t see a single other person on our walk there and nobody on the way back either. Bliss!


Well please enjoy these snaps, i know the quality isn’t great but i’m sure you’ll agree Molly looks gorgeous anyway!


P1010720bIMG_0923c copy

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