world naked bike ride brighton 2017 part two

Firstly sorry for the delay in posting this second part of our adventure at the WNBR. Sometimes life gets in the way of writing our naturist blog! And before i get any further i must thank all the photographers who gave permission for me to use their photos from the event. These include Chris, Graham Ó Síodhacháin, Pär Skoglund and Peter Grant. I know i’ve forgotten at least one name. If you are missing please contact me and i’ll add you on.

So where did we leave things? Oh yes, it was nearly time to actually leave the relative safety of the WNBR compound and head out into Brighton town itself. We the happy crowd had been migrating back to our bicycles and making final preparations for a while as the moment when the net fencing was meant to come down had already passed. Things seemed to be running a tad late but this only helped to build on the expectation and excitement flowing through the massed naked horde.


And then down came the fence! Now all bicycles pointed towards this exit as the first few pedalled away onto the main grounds of the park. The moment of discovery was almost upon us. We were quite far away from the exit so it took a while for us to filter out but when we did! Oh my! We were amazed by how many spectators were lining that first part of the route. Hundreds and hundreds of people had turned up to give us all a rousing send off with loud applause and cheers and a countless number of cameras and phones pointed in our direction! It’s hard to describe the feelings we had in these first moments of exposure to the clothed public. A mixture of thrilling excitement, sudden freedom and complete joy combined with natural adrenaline to create a kind of euphoria i don’t think either of us had experienced before in quite such a way.




The route soon left the grassy parkland and moved onto the wide path around the edge of the Levels. This offered a good opportunity to get used to cycling in a such tightly packed bunch of fellow riders. It’s actually quite tricky to cycle in a large crowd if you’re not really used to doing so. People go at different speeds, brake at different and sometimes inopportune moments and much swerving through either over enthusiasm or a loss of forward momentum make for an interesting ride. Better to get used to this now before joining an actual road. It would be embarrassing to fall off out on the streets in front of however many people and probably rather painful too!

The slow pace on the pathway also gave me opportunity to appreciate more of our fellow riders and the effort they had made to make this such a colourful event. And the pedal powered sound systems which were ambling along throughout the throng provided a funky soundtrack that really made for a proper party atmosphere.


And so it was time to move from the park and make our way onto the actual public roads of Brighton in all our naked glory. This was a wonderful moment for us. Suddenly this opportunity to enjoy few hours of real body freedom felt even more real. It’s one thing cycling around a park in the buff. There’s a feeling of protection, especially in the compound but out here on the road i think we suddenly felt truly released.

Kudos must go not only to the local police but also the people of Brighton and indeed every other location for allowing the WNBR to happen. The people out on the streets were mostly incredibly supportive. We only heard abusive language from one lovely young gentleman by the side of the road and he was, it has to be said, rather tipsy. As in the park many a pavement had been lined with cheering townsfolk and holiday makers keen to lend their support and get a few photos of the nude nutters cycling past.

P1010695 copy

Thankfully there are two breaks along the route. It isn’t exactly an exhausting distance but for someone who doesn’t cycle very often the change to get out of the saddle for twenty minutes is a good one. These breaks also stretch the afternoon out a little and make the ride into more of an event. I’m sure the second break at the Old Steine Fountain was over half an hour and there is more of a party atmosphere. Apparently on years when the weather has been kinder many participants enjoy a dance or general splash around in the fountain itself. The first stop is a grassy area right on the seafront and thankfully the public toilets were available for our use and heading over to use them was another slightly surreal experience. I’ve certainly never gone into a loo before where every other guy is completely naked. Quite amusing.

P1010699 copy

P1010698 copy

The final run to the naturist beach down Duke’s Mound and along Madeira drive was a really nice way to end an excellent and enjoyable route but finding an available spot to chain up our bikes wasn’t so much fun! There was such a good atmosphere on the promenade and beach but unfortunately it was pretty windy and getting rather chilly so we didn’t stick around for too long. But we were very sad to be leaving. And missing the after party at Volks Bar was a bit of a shame but we had decided to try and get back to Cornwall the same day.



All in all Brighton WNBR 2017 was a very entertaining day and one of the most exhilarating experiences we’ve had without any clothes on. I think it’s safe to say we’ll be returning next year for another nude tour around this amazing seaside town.


34427337454_3d4ae9eeed_o copy

34883125640_7da56bc440_o copy35102844882_821348805b_o copySAMSUNG CSC



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