Apologies and some more memes

Apologies to any regular readers, the blog has been somewhat neglected recently what with summer getting in the way. And sometimes it’s easy to get lost in the world of Twitter where opinions can be expressed so quickly and photos posted so easily.


We have nearly completed writing part two of our report on the World Naked Bike Ride so that will be online soon and there will be an upcoming post about Mol’s first naturist photoshoot with some great pictures to enjoy. And hopefully we will be doing something for the national Be Naked Day on August 5th, weather and circumstance allowing! Oh and hopefully we will finally get round to doing a write up about our last visit or indeed all our visits to Costa Natura in Spain.



Until then here are some more of the naturist memes that we enjoy sharing on Twitter. Nothing deep or philosophical, just a bit of fun and an easy way to get the message across! Feel free to spread them around the universe. Enjoy.




17 thoughts on “Apologies and some more memes

      1. Hi guys great blog, I’ve just stumbled across it. Browsing as I’m thinking of doing one myself.
        It really is great to see other tattooed naturist with piercings
        I wear a 10mm PA … that took some gettting used to.
        Anyway I just wanted to say great blog
        Take care and have a great summer.


  1. Hi!

    What a lovely naturist couple!
    Nice with nude people who have tatoos and piercings.
    For how long have you two been pierced?
    Any benefits of the genital piercings?



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