A message for an express reader

Whilst perusing my Twitter feed the other day i noticed a link to an article on naturist beaches in The Sunday Express. Now i never normally go anywhere near that particular tabloid title as personally i consider it to be a vile right wing sexist bigoted rag which seems happy to promote small mindedness and hatred with a good smattering of out and out lies at every given opportunity. But hey, that’s only my opinion. However curiosity got the better of me and i decided to take the plunge and see what sleazy sensationalist spin the hacks at the Express had used to turn our innocent nudist hobby into some kind of sordid sexual fantasy for the British public to be outraged over as they tucked into their coffee and corn flakes on a Sunday morning.

Now obviously i’m laying it on a bit thick there, i wasn’t expecting anything quite that bad but i’m loath to say that the article in question is a fairly satisfactory read. It is mainly constructed of quotes from a naturist walking club website with a bit of padding giving snippets of information on popular beaches throughout the UK. If anything the article gives stripping off at the beach a positive spin and mentions some decent locations for people to find out about this summer.

But this is The Sunday Express and The Sunday Express does of course have readers. And of course like with any online news service readers are allowed to comment and give their ‘informed’ opinions on any number of subjects. Now taking into consideration the fact that this is the vile right wing sexist bigoted rag which seems happy to promote small mindedness and hatred with a good smattering of out and out lies at every given opportunity as mentioned before it was no surprise to see some fairly small minded comments below said article.

And you know what? One of them really annoyed me. It probably wasn’t the most misinformed or insulting. That honour actually goes to some character named ‘The Voice of Reason’ (who knows if that’s meant to be ironic or not?) who simply wrote “Why are so many ugly & obese“. No really, some clueless poisonous individual actually had the audacity to type such a downright ignorant, insulting little piece of vitriol as they chowed down on their bacon and eggs.

P1010404 copy

But as i say, that wasn’t actually the one that got my goat. Oh no. The Our Naturist Blog award for number one goat getter goes to some free thinking spirit called Dogglebird who wrote “Let them have their ‘hotspots’, so long as these characters stay away from me and my family, they can please themselves.” So we can have our hotspots can we Dogglebird? That is immensely generous of you my fine feathered friend. And when you call us ‘characters’ are you imagining us like something off’ve Sesame Street or maybe some cheeky fun filled tykes getting up to a few mischevious shenanigans?

Or Doggler, old chum, are you insinuating that we are some kind of weird perverted deviants hell bent on an orgiastic rampage, our only purpose the complete corruption of you and your family unless confined to our own ‘hotspots’? You can find the article below if you so desire. Otherwise i think these photos of Molly convey my point pretty well!




4 thoughts on “A message for an express reader

  1. I was at pend vouderby whend a mam with children came up to me and said in an angry voice how long has this been a naturist beach i replied many many years he just walked away


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