24 hours naked



A couple of years ago on one of our holidays abroad it occurred to me that i’d probably never been naked for a whole twenty four hour period. Perhaps i had when i was little but even then it seems highly unlikely that i’d have been left bare for a whole day. It got me to thinking that most people in the world, certainly in the western world never in their lives get to be unclothed for that amount of time. I mean think about it yourself. Unless you’re a committed naturist the chances of remaining unclothed are few and far between. Even at nudist resort we tend to put some clothes on in the evening or there might be a trip offsite for a little shopping.


So sure enough i took the opportunity to be naked for the twenty four! In fact if my memory serves me well i actually did nearly two whole days. I don’t think Molly did on that occasion as the evening temperature wasn’t to her liking. Now obviously being onsite at Costa Natura didn’t really make it that much of a challenge but i enjoyed the extra little buzz of freedom that the experience gave me.


Then recently on a lovely hot day in May with the sun beating down and my housemates away in France i decided i would do it again. This time it would feel even more special because i was at home. Molly was heading over too so i could have naked company. And although there was sunbathing to be done we could also go about a few day to day duties wearing nothing but our smiles. Suddenly regular household tasks seemed much more fun. Of course we often do things at home in the nude but we had certainly never made a conscious decision to set aside the whole day to be undressed.


I admit this still isn’t taking the challenge to it’s extremes. To truly experience twenty four hours naked one would have to be prepared to answer the door naked, invite house guests around and actually be daring enough to leave the safety of one’s abode. Of course this isn’t really much of an option in our society. Being spotted by the neighbours outside the house might cause a few problems don’t you think!


But therein lies a new challenge. I know one couldn’t actually leave the house and go shopping or nip to the pub for a swift drink but perhaps with a little careful planning it would be possible to leave the house, leg it into the car and go for a nice naked drive. Maybe even park up and take a walk in the countryside. Or even go visit like minded friends for an evening of nudist shenanigans. I’m certainly going to make an attempt to do this if Molly is up for it and then who knows, perhaps our first completely naked week!



16 thoughts on “24 hours naked

      1. We had plenty of food supplies in the pantry and refrigerator. Got the mail and newspapers early mornings and at night, took the garbage out late evenings. Did run a few errands naked in the car, so drive by bill paying and a couple of fast food trips. It was an amazing time.

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  1. I’ve done multiple times 48 straight hours without touching a piece of clothing and it’s just awesome. My goal too is to spend a full week entirely naked. It requires some planning if you are not in a nudist resort, but I think it’s doable. I look forward to reading your next post. Keep the spirit up, stay naked!

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  2. Got to thank you guys for recommending Costa Natura in previous blog article, just finished our 3rd successive 24hrs without clothes. Med looks azure, palms are gently swaying and the sun radiates its warmth. Simply don’t think it gets any better

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  3. Love it we.live out of town so often we spend 3or 4 days naked so great we are in Australia anyone like to join us nonsexual just natural


  4. I’m very fortunate I live in Vera playa in Spain, I can go for a walk, take the rubbish, go for a meal or drink naked, every now and then I get dressed to go shopping, but most of the time I’m as naked as can be and very happy. Of course there are times when one has to dress but most of the time I’m happy in my skin and thsts why me and lots of other oeople chose here to live.

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  5. We both love the fun you display in your pics. We’ve spent two weeks Nude at our cottage in Canada
    without having to wear anything. It was easy and enjoyable! Looking forward to a repeat this year.

    Jan & Gary😊❤️


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