World Naked Gardening Day 2017

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I was quite amazed to see how much attention this years World Naked Gardening Day received in the media. Positive attention! The word on this event seems to be travelling a little further with each passing May. Of course many of our naturist friends on Twitter were talking about it and hoping to make the effort on the day so it seemed a good idea for Molly and i to join in too.

But of course here in good old Blighty the weather can never be relied upon to make naturist activities a viable proposition. And sure enough most of the country awoke to a rather rotten Saturday morning. Things certainly didn’t change as the day drew on. The rain never ceased to fall, the sky never got close to sharing a little sunshine with all the keen horticulturalists eager to strip off and get some work done on those herbaceous borders.

As is more often the case these days the weather forecasters had predicted this turn of events pretty well and had also decided that Sunday would be marvellously warm and sunny, perfect for baring all in support of a day that had already technically passed. So being the adaptable types that we are World Naked Gardening Day was rescheduled for our little area of SW Cornwall and sure enough the meteorological gods shone their light down upon us!

So we knew we had missed WNGD but we also knew that it really didn’t matter. We had made the effort to be part of an event that will hopefully spread and grow, helping to promote body positive attitudes and make gardening much more fun into the bargain.

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You may think ‘well is it really an effort to get naked to do some gardening? You are naturists after all’. This is true, but unfortunately the garden isn’t a completely private spot. One does have to be careful not to reveal anything to the neighbours. They themselves might not actually care but their children might be somewhat freaked by the sight of the grownups next door tending their plot wearing nothing but wellies and gloves. Not so bad if we just want to sunbathe. There are spots available to lounge around in naked as long as the sun stays out.

Basically a little tactful planning on which jobs to do was required. This is knowledge we can take forward though as i really can’t imagine this will be our last naked gardening day this year and I think this shows that it really is worth planning body positive naturist events. If it encourages people who are already naturists to enjoy more time naked then who knows how many curious people might finally give it a go?

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It has certainly led me to seriously consider taking part in this years World Naked Bike Ride, an event which also seems to be becoming more popular throughout the world. I have wanted to go for many years but circumstances have numbed my enthusiasm somewhat. Mainly the problems of getting to one of the events with bicycles, sorting out where to stay and committing the time required to attend have become my excuses for not getting there and supporting such a worthwhile venture.


Also i was never really sure if Molly was that keen. Being naked at the beach, in the garden or at a naturist resort is one thing but actually taking to the streets in the UK is quite another. But this year we do both rather fancy taking part if we can overcome the travel and accommodation issues without incurring too much expense. It would be such an exciting liberating experience and should nurture some very fond memories indeed. And would be a good thing to write about on here. Well it all helps to spread the word a little more.

And we did actually get some gardening done! Molly potted her new clematis and we both got some much needed trimming done. Of course it didn’t take us that long to break out the blanket so we could get down to a little hard earned sun worshipping and then a few more photos of Molly simply because she looks rather wonderful surrounded by such a naturally vibrant green background.

So enjoy a few of our pics and remember you don’t have to do much to help promote naturism and body positivism, just try and take part.

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5 thoughts on “World Naked Gardening Day 2017

  1. Beautiful pictures, guys! Nice to see that you could enjoy Gardening nude. Lucky
    you! It’s been too cold and rainy☔️ here.🇨🇦

    Keep smiling, nude.😄😄

    Jan & Gary❤️


  2. it’s great to spend tome in the garden naked . I start every day with a bare tour . I think it encourages my plants to grow 😊


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