Not long to go.


So the excitement of the impending holiday starts to mount. These things often seem to take so long to come around when they’ve been booked months in advance but to be fair i only arranged this trip around six weeks ago when an unexpected letter arrived through the door from my bank informing me that i had been overcharged on my monthly account fees. Quite a surprise from a bank, although mine, the Co-operative do pride themselves on trying to be a smidge ethical. Either way it meant there were suddenly spare funds for a much needed trip to Costa Natura.

The  photos in this post are from a visit in May 2015 when the weather was particularly good. May does seem a good month to choose as the sunshine is almost guaranteed. Unfortunately this year we simply couldn’t wait that long so we are risking the possibility of some cloud and rain. I’ve stopped looking at the weather forecast as it changes from day to day but it has improved since i first checked so fingers crossed.

P1010608 copy

We are also staying in a different apartment this time. It’s the third one we have tried. Our normal choice was sadly unavailable but it is one of the most popular apartments on site so that was understandable. Some of the ground floor choices are cheaper but offer less privacy. We prefer a private balcony which usually means getting a first floor option at a higher cost.


Another real treat is being able to have a refreshingly cool beer at the bar next to the pool whilst naked. The bar also offers some shade if the sun gets a little too intense. Although one of the only down sides to Costa is the food at the restaurant. When we first visited it was excellent genuine Spanish cuisine. The chefs paella was absolutely gorgeous. Small bowls were served as snacks with our beer during the day and this tempted us into ordering a full panful which was brought sizzling away to the table. Unfortunately the last two time we have eaten there the food was obviously bog standard frozen fayre and not even cooked particularly well. Of course there are nearby restaurant’s in Estepona but we do really enjoy self catering so if the bar food is still disappointing it’s not a great letdown. We will stick to the San Miguel and the gin and tonic!

P1010654P1010690P1010684 copyP1010618P1010725P1010677bP1010729


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