Sea glass.

p1000875We have been keen sea glass hunters for many years. Here we see Molly finding a blue piece on Pedn Vounder although it’s a little hard to tell from the photo although she is clearly  very pleased. Pedn isn’t the greatest beach for sea glass, in fact because of its rather huge tidal sand bank (i’m sure that’s not a very accurate scientific explanation) it gets very little rubbish wash up onto its golden sands. Little white shells on the other hand are plentiful.


There are certainly better beaches for collecting sea glass in Cornwall but obviously i can’t reveal their locations on here. Molly would kill me. She has quite a lot of it sitting in various glass plant pots in her conservatory, quite an effective display method, and has been known to use the stuff to decorate garden ornaments.

The secret to finding plentiful supplies of sea glass is to travel to the beach at Costa Natura in Spain ( i really must get round to writing my first blog about that wonderful place) where the amount under foot is staggering. It almost feels like cheating as part of the fun of finding sea glass in the UK is the hunt and the delight at flocating a nice varied handful of translucent gems on any one beach. But we don’t care, it’s still good to come home with a good hall! I think after our last visit we came home with two half litre bottles full of the stuff and could’ve easily brought more.

img_0201And one day i will find the legendary chunk of ruby red sea glass that has until now evaded my prying eye! And who knows, it might turn out to be an actual ruby!


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