Charco Del Palo


A few years ago Molly and i went on our first naturist holiday together. At the time we decided to book through Chalfont Holidays, an online naturist travel agents who were very helpful indeed. We chose to goto Charco Del Palo, a small holiday village on the north-eastern coast of Lanzarote, in the Canary Islands.

Nudity is permitted everywhere in the village and the site is open to all however its isolated location helps to ensure a certain amount of privacy. On our visit we stayed in an Obona apartment. Obona are a German travel company that own a couple of blocks of properties in Charco but most of the apartments are privately owned. There are plenty of reasonably priced apartments for rental on the website.

I had been on a normal textile holiday to Lanzarote in the past so already had an appreciation of the unique beauty of the island. Of course it has very touristy towns which are best avoided in my humble opinion but the island is also blessed with an incredible post volcanic landscape and its fair share of artistic sights which are mainly all down to the famous local artist César Manrique.

Charco also has direct access to the sea but there are no beaches, instead there are three sandy coves where one can relax and bathe, two pools are separated from the sea and are great if you need to cool down. It’s also possible to walk naked for quite a long way in both directions from the village.




There are other beaches around Lanzarote that offer nude bathing. One particularly beautiful one, Punta de Papagayo, is situated at the southern most tip of Lanzarote. The area is one of spectacular beauty and includes five large golden sandy beaches. The Playas del Papagayo are part of a protected area called the Monumento Natural de Los Ajaches.


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7 thoughts on “Charco Del Palo

  1. Looks like a nice place and village to be nude all the time. I never was on a nudist resort so far, just be nude at beaches. Nice photos you made there from you and Molly. I like your smooth look. Are there most visitors smooth ?


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