The first place i’d like to mention is Pedn Vounder beach which is situated in South West Cornwall a few miles from where i live. I feel blessed to live near to such a beautiful and magical beach. Set between neighbouring Porthcurno and the Logan Rock headland the beach is a magnificent stretch of golden sand and when the tide is at it’s lowest one can walk all the way from Porthcurno to the base of Logan Rock perhaps stopping off for a dip in one of the warm lagoons that form as the waves make their way back out to sea. Be careful not to get cut off by the tide if you’re coming from Porthcurno though or you’ll have a long walk back along the cliff path.


The cliff path is of course the main route down to the beach and sensible footwear is a good idea. The last section before reaching the beach is something of a scramble down a rocky incline but is easily doable with careful footwork. The nearest parking is in the village of Treen. Follow the lane up to Treen Campsite then follow it left down to the coast path. Take the middle path which heads down the slope of the cliff and keep going until you hear the crunch of that fine golden sand under your feet.



The beach isn’t completely nudist, there are normally a mix of clothed and unclothed people but generally everyone gets along pretty well. There is a rough divide down the middle of the beach between the naked and the not but there’s nothing to say one can’t be undressed anywhere they please.


We’ve made lots of great friends down there, it’s a real mini naturist community, mainly consisting of local people who have been using the beach for years and many regular annual visitors  who have found a place in their hearts for this amazing location.

These first four photos of Molly and i are from our first naturist visit to Pedn Vounder a few years ago. We had a magical two days in June when the sun was hot and the sea was positively balmy. The beach obviously isn’t normally that empty but it was early in the day and easier to take a few snaps without offending anyone.

If you live in Cornwall or ever find yourself in this part of the world you really should visit this incredible sacred place. Even if the weather isn’t great at least make your way to the top of the cliff to enjoy the breathtaking views around you. Then why not retire to the Logan Rock pub for a hearty brew.

I intend to write a little more about what Pedn Vounder really means to us at some point soon. It’s hard to put into words so i’m going to need some time to really think about it.

Here are a few more photos from various visits to Pedn Vounder. I truly hope you are inspired to join us in SW Penwith and let the warm Cornish air caress your body and soul.




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