More of the bougainvillia


Thought i might as well add the other photos of that beautiful bougainvillia with the even more beautiful Molly setting the scene. Oh and one shot of myself looking not so glamorous!


Keep things clean


We always try and keep our naturist internet experience clean. This is about mind and body freedom. If one wants porn there’s enough of it out there which is completely fine but it has nothing to do with naturism and recreational nudity.

Free your body, free your mind!

Blue skies


I’m glad Christmas is finally over. Even though we enjoyed the festive period it’s nice to get into a new year and look forward to what might be ahead over the next twelve months. Predictably we are really looking forward to some much better weather making an appearance here in Cornwall.

But we are also dreaming of the chance to take ourselves away on holiday again to get some proper naked sun worshipping done quite probably in Spain although Portugal might be a good possibility. There are certainly naturist holiday opportunities there that need investigation. I’m sure there is plenty of information on the net and a quick check through back issues of H&E magazine has given me a few hints so i think some further reading is required. If and when i find anything really interesting i shall report back here.

Blue skies soon please.



One of the most beautiful sights in Spain are those huge colourful walls of Bougainvillia. So vibrant when it is in flower. A shame it doesn’t do so well in the UK although it does cover nearly a whole wall in our conservatory and it’s still happily flowering away now in late December. Of course there is another beautiful flower in this photo and she is most certainly still very much in bloom!

Why Nude Photos are Important to Naturism

Asian American Naturist

IMG_1536 This is an example of who we are. There is no shame, lust, or degradation.

Imagine if you will that this blog wasn’t about naturism, but about camping and backpacking.  In my theoretical camping blog I’d write about my travels, offer advice, discuss issues within the camping/backpacking community, and show you pictures of my trips.   No one would get upset about pictures of Yosemite or the Grand Canyon.  But in reality my blog isn’t about camping, but nude recreation and the naturist lifestyle.

Since its early days, naturism has been portraying the nude human body in photography.  In fact, it was nudist magazines that set the legal precedent for nude images to be published.  Up until 1958, it was illegal for nudist magazines to be mailed by the U.S. Postal Service. In SUNSHINE BOOK COMPANY v. SUMMERFIELD, The U.S. District Court of Columbia ruled that nudist magazines could…

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By the pool


These photos are taken by the beautiful pool at Costa Natura in Spain. This was just after one of our early morning swims when it is rare to see anybody else using the pool so also a good opportunity to take a couple of shots without upsetting any of our fellow residents. A naked swim before breakfast is one of lives true pleasures. The jacuzzi is usually pretty empty at that time of day so it seems rude not to spend twenty minutes or so in there too.


It really is a pleasant well maintained pool area at Costa. It’s obviously good to get there early to claim a good sun bed spot but out of season it isn’t too tricky finding a nice place to while away the day with an engaging read and a cool drink. The pool does become an essential tool for keeping cool and relaxed though.

Nudity and freedom

An excellent article. Well worth a read.

Naturist Philosopher

In a recent post we found that the concept of “freedom” is quite important in thinking about naturism and nudity. This is rather uncontroversial (among naturists, anyhow). “Freedom” (from clothes) is often cited by naturists as one of the most important aspects of naturism. Freedom from clothes is often viewed more generally as the “freedom to be oneself” ? to be able to enjoy life the way we want to, and to not be constrained by conventional social stereotypes that specific types of clothing imply. By not wearing clothes, we avoid having to accept a stereotype that any choice might imply. And further, that by choosing not to wear clothes, we reject stereotypes such as “exhibitionist” or “loose moral character”.

This is going to be a long post. If you just want to see the conclusions without the reasoning behind them, you can skip to the end. But you…

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